Author Alex
Unity Asset – MicroSplat – Terrain Holes v3.48
The Terrain Holes module for MicroSplat adds several new features to the MicroSplat framework.
Author Sonya
Unity Asset – Missile Behaviours v1.3
This package allows you to easily setup missiles with realistic guidance. To achieve this it uses the guidance law known as "proportional navigation", which creates an intercept course instead of flying directly towards the target. This approach has a much higher chance to actually hit even a dodging target and it will usually also reach the target more quickly.
Author Alex
Unity Asset – Camera Orbit Tool
New type of orbit added for spherical objects! This package is meant for those intending to showcase products, gadgets, machineries, objects, furnitures, characters, avatars or any 3D models.
Author Alex
Unity Asset – Emerald AI 2.0 v2.4.1
Emerald AI, the ultimate universal AAA quality AI solution for animal AI, shooter AI, RPG AI, NPCs, and more!
Author Alex
Unity Asset – MagicaVoxel Toolbox v1.4.2
Create prefab from vox and qb file with optimized mesh. Support MagicaVoxel world mode and material. Make rigging character with unity avatar.
Author Alex
Unity Asset – P.O.I. Map v1.0
P.O.I. Map is a simple, pleasant looking and easy-to-use GUI map.
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