Author Alex
MMORPG KIT (2D/3D/Survival) v1.52c
This package contains various of script and example to help you create your own Single/LAN/MMO Survival Action RPG game
Author Alex
RTS Engine v1.5.2
The Unity RTS Engine provides all the features required to create your own RTS game and customize it. It handles map creation, factions, AI, buildings, units, combat, tasks, resources, UI, singleplayer, multiplayer and much more!
Author Alex
Corgi Engine – 2D + 2.5D Platformer v6.2.1
The Corgi Engine is the most complete platformer solution for Unity. It's a tight (non physics based controls) character controller for your game. It's very fast and works on desktop, mobile, and anywhere you want. Packed with features and constantly updated, it's the best tool to create the 2D + 2.5D platformer or run & gun game you want!
Author Alex
Horror FPS KIT v1.5.3a
HFPS KIT is an advanced and easy-to-use horror game template with many features essential to creating your own horror game, including gameplay features seen in AAA horror games of the last decade. It contains a lot of ready-to-use assets, just drag and drop them into a scene.
Author Alex
Bubble Shooter Raccoon Rescue + EDITOR v1.2.1
Raccoon Rescue is Great Bubble Shooter Game Template with EDITOR. Target of the game is help to Raccoon Mama to save her babies from bubbles. The Asset includes many game features and obstacles. The player has to pass levels using ingenuity and sleight of hand.
Author Alex
AR Survival Shooter: AR FPS – Augmented Reality – AR Shooter v2.3
AR Survival Shooter is the first-person Shooter (FPS) in Augmented Reality: kill the zombies and save your life with full immersion in the game!
Author Alex
Head Soccer Game Kit v1.3
Head Soccer is a fun and challenging casual game template which heavily relies on physics to simulate movements and interactions inside the game.
Author Alex
PUN Multiplayer Add-On for Opsive Character Controllers v1.0.2
The PUN Multiplayer Add-On synchronizes any of the Opsive character controllers with Photon PUN 2. Any single player character controller feature can be synchronized over the network with this add-on.
Author Alex
Match 3 Sweet Sugar v1.2.3
Match 3 Sweet Sugar is the most complete match-3 tool for Unity.
Author Alex
uMMORPG v1.184
uMMORPG - The lone wolf developer's MMORPG engine. uMMORPG is the most simple and easiest to use MMO engine on the planet for one reason: 99% of the MMO projects fail because they are too complex.
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