Author Sonya
Unity Asset – LWRP / URP – Tessellation & Displacement v2.1.0
This package includes a simple but effective and optmized implementation of Tessellation and Displacement techniques for the Lightweight Render Pipeline (LWRP) and the Universal Render Pipeline (URP).
Author Sonya
Unity Asset – Deep Sea Shader & Mobile Shader
The water shaders can be used in devices that use OpenGL 2.0 and later.
Author Alex
Unity Asset – Tessellation Shaders
With this shaders you will be abble to increase the poly count of an asset and use a heightmap to create real 3d depth.
Author Alex
Unity Asset – Selective Glow: Heathen's Shaders v5.6.0.1
Save on Selective Glow and all other Heathen Shaders with Heathen's Shader
Author Alex
Unity Asset – Car Paint – Lite v2.1
Car Paint Lite is package which will help you to create photo-realistic visualizations of Cars, Motors, Planes and any kind of metal related objects using our three basic shaders. Supporting mobile and high-end workstations.
Author Alex
Unity Asset – AdvancedShaders Pro Pack v1.0
AdvancedShaders Pro package will includes any current and upcoming shader packages of mine. Besides the released Surfaces package which you can try here, there will also be image effects, special-fx shaders and the most required vertex-blending shaders, including a vertex painting tool.
Author Alex
Unity Asset – Next-Gen Soft-Shadows v2.3.3
Next generation soft shadows replacement for Unity built-in lights, featuring adaptive penumbra size and screen space raymatched shadows to skyrocket your scene quality to the next level!
Author Alex
Unity Asset – MK Glow v4.3.8
MK Glow (Ultimate) is an artist-friendly, feature-rich and super fast performing post-processing effect, which simulates bright surface scattering of light. In addition to the bloom, some highly customizable extras, like lens surface, lens flare and glare are available. This shader is compatible with the Legacy, Lightweight and High Definition Render Pipelines.
Author Alex
Unity Asset – MadGoat SSAA & Resolution Scale v2.0.9
MadGoat SSAA & Resolution Scale brings one of the best anti-aliasing techniques to your Unity3D project: be it a game, a VR application or an archviz presentation, now you can achieve stunning image quality with just one click!
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