Author Sonya
Unity Asset – Cartoon Candy Cookie v1.2
This is a mobile-friendly Candy cookie icons asset pack. It include 820 assets items.
Author Alex
Unity Asset – Simple UI
This is a simple, but very versatile UI theme that will cover all basic UI needs for your game. This pack uses Unity's built in UI System, so if you are already familiar with it, then you already know how to use this pack! In addition, this pack also comes with several sample scenes, which will showcase different ways in which these assets can be used and help you construct your own UI.
Author Alex
Unity Asset – Epic RPG Equipment Icon Set
Complete set of 156 Icons suitable for RPG game weapon, equipments and gears. These are designed for various classes of characters such as warrior, mage, wizard hunter etc.
Author Alex
Unity Asset – 2D Graveyard Pack – Handcrafted Art
Making a platformer? This asset is now part of a Joint Venture with More Mountains and their Corgi Engine. Learn more and get the Corgi Engine + Handcrafted Art - 2D Platformer Mega Bundle, which includes the original Corgi Engine and 7 of our handcrafted art packages.
Author Alex
Unity Asset – Dark GUI Skin – PSD v1.0
Dark GUI Skin is dark skin packed with 6 different color scheme and with source PSD file.
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