Triune Store – Extinction: Sci-Fi Weapons FX (4K)

Author Alex
Triune Store – Extinction: Sci-Fi Weapons FX (4K)

Triune Store – Extinction: Sci-Fi Weapons FX (4K)

EXTINCTION is a collection of pre-rendered high-quality VFX assets. These drag and drop assets are perfect for sci-fi weapons, magic and power effects, motion graphics and more.

*1080 version available here.

Asset Pack includes:

Over 100 drag and drop assets
4K resolution
Prores 4444
Black background for easy blending
5 Categories
Muzzle Flashes
Energy FX
Electric FX
Bullet Trails

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  1. eric denedo2019 June 19 18:11
    Hello I just renewed my hitfilm for download, the trsanction was successful but I am still to get my confirmation and code via my email. Can someone check it please.
    My email address is [email protected]
    1. Sonya2019 June 19 20:44
      Check spam folder pls.
      1. it is not in my spam2019 June 19 21:29
        it is not in my spam folder
      2. Eric Denedo
        Cutoffsquid982019 June 20 07:35
        Please can someone do something about it?
        1. Sonya2019 June 20 13:18
          I connect to hitfile support - wait pls
    2. Sonya2019 June 20 13:22
      Write to me in PM the time and method of payment and once again check the e-mail, which was used for payment
      1. Eric Denedo
        Cutoffsquid982019 June 20 16:08
        It was on the 19.06.2019 by 6pm.
        I used a master card. I payed for the 70 days that is 24.something Euro.

        I used [email protected]

        I have checked my email no message. The last message I got from hit film was a reminder that my last subscription will end today 20.06.2019. Which is today.
  2. arjun
    arjun2019 July 12 05:31
    by any chance can we get less than 1gb links please?
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