Udemy – The Art and Science of Drawing – Brent Eviston (Complete)

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Udemy – The Art and Science of Drawing – Brent Eviston (Complete)

The Art and Science of Drawing – Brent Eviston – download complete video сourse by Udemy

Contains the FULL 8 courses of Udemy:

THE ART & SCIENCE of DRAWING is a remarkable new program that will teach you how to draw one day at a time. The program is simple, each day you’ll watch one video lesson that will introduce an essential drawing skill, and then do the recommended practice. THE ART & SCIENCE of DRAWING is overflowing with powerful insights into the drawing process and offers some of the clearest, most accessible drawing instruction available. Many of the tools and techniques you'll learn here are rarely seen outside of private art academies.

If you've got some drawing experience, feel free to mix and match The Art & Science of Drawing courses to suit your personal needs as an artist!
Who is the target audience?

Anyone interested in drawing, painting, or design.
Anyone interested in a career in the arts.
Anyone looking for a creative outlet.


Week 1 - Basic Skills
Week 2 - Dynamic Mark Making
Week 3 - Form & Space (Part A)
Week 4 - Form & Space (Part B)
Week 5 - Measuring & Proportion
Week 6 - Contours
Week 7 - Shading Fundamentals
Week 8 - Shading Beyond the Basics

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  1. Iyashima2018 September 24 17:53
    Thank you so much for uploading this course i wish the download speed was faster, but im grateful and i appreciate your generosity:)
  2. Sina2020 April 18 01:39
    Could please upload it again in nitro flare?
    1. Sonya2020 April 18 20:18
      Done, try now
  3. Jonathan2020 September 21 09:39
    Hi, most nitroflare files say "This file has been removed due to inactivity.".

    Could you please fix them? Thanks.
    1. Sonya2020 September 22 22:34
      Sorry, no times for it. Use hitfile pls
  4. FunkyPirate2021 February 3 16:32
    Some hitfile links are dead. Kindly reupload. Thanks.
    1. Sonya2021 February 4 12:28
      Fixed - download all parts again pls
      1. FunkyPirate2021 February 4 14:32
        Thanks a lot
  5. Juan Pérez
    mr._savage2021 February 9 05:57
    Hello! Hope you're having a good day. Before i buy a premium account i must ask, could you break the files into smaller parts smaller than 1GB so it can be free on either server. Thank you!
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