Udemy – 3ds Max + V-Ray: Complete 3D Photorealistic Rendering Course

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Udemy – 3ds Max + V-Ray: Complete 3D Photorealistic Rendering Course

Udemy – 3ds Max + V-Ray: Complete 3D Photorealistic Rendering Course

What you'll learn
Create your own photorealistic renderings from scratch with 3ds Max + Vray
Become confident using 3ds Max + V-Ray
Find paid work & get a job with your 3ds Max + V-Ray skills
Render setup with V-Ray
Place cameras & understand camera settings
Add natural & artificial lighting to your scene
Add materials to make your scenes photorealistic
Create 360° photos and virtual tours
Work with ArchiCAD & 3ds Max together
Learn the basics of 3ds Max - perfect for anyone brand new to this application

You will need 3ds Max and the V-Ray rendering software to follow along.
You can use the 30-day free trials of both 3ds Max and V-Ray to get started.
You DO NOT need any experience to take this course, but any prior knowledge of working in 3ds Max will help you jump right in. We include beginner tutorials to get everyone up to speed.

Do you want to create your own photorealistic renderings?

This 3ds Max + V-Ray course will teach you the entire process of designing interior spaces from scratch. From camera position and lighting, to adding realistic materials - you'll learn it all in this course.

Not only will you learn how to create your 3D renderings, you'll also learn how to get a job with your new skills. Your instructor co-founded and runs a successful 3d rendering company, and will share what it takes to land a job in this industry.

Enroll now and get instant access to:

7+ hours of easy-to-watch video lessons

Downloadable project files to follow along with

Instructor support if you have questions

Lifetime access to course updates

What will you learn in this 3ds Max & V-Ray course?

3ds Max is the industry standard modeling and rendering software for visualizations. V-Ray is a plugin that adds the ability to easily create photorealistic images to 3ds Max. This course focuses on photorealistic 3d renderings. This course IS NOT for modeling in 3ds Max.

This course will teach you how to use V-Ray + 3ds Max to design realistic 3D interiors. This includes:

Learn the basics of 3ds Max, including the interface, tools, selection and transform tools, and how to save projects

Learn how to set up a project, assign v-ray, and adjust your render settings

Learn how to add cameras, compose a shot, and adjust your settings

Learn how to use VRaySun and Dome VRayLight & HDRI to add natural lighting to your scene

Learn how to use VRayLight, VRayles, and VRayLightMix to add artificial lighting to your scene

Learn how to apply a scene's materials such as glass, metal, compact & slate, wood, and more

Learn how to produce a 360° photo and virtual tour of your 3D space

Learn how to exchange models between applications such as ArchiCAD & 3ds Max

Once you learn the skills in this course, you can then move on to exteriors and other types of renderings. But this course is focused on teaching you lighting, cameras, and materials for interior spaces.

Who is your instructor?

Margarita Nikita is the co-founder of High Q Renders, an award-winning creative company with renderings for international hotel brands such as Marriot, Ritz Carlton and Hyatt. Her clientele includes celebrity interior designers Kari Whitman & Fox Nahem, President Obama, Jessica Alba, Melanie Griffith and Robert Downey Jr. - just to name a few.

Margarita has a passion for teaching beginners like you, and is excited to help you on your journey. From workflow tips to landing your first job, she'll help you get started.

Enroll now to learn 3ds Max & V-ray

Who this course is for:
Architectural designers, interior designers, and anyone else wanting to create photorealistic renderings
Anyone who wants to learn 3ds Max & V-Ray

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