Udemy – Complete guide to SketchUp & Vray – Beginner to Advanced

Author Alex
Udemy – Complete guide to SketchUp & Vray – Beginner to Advanced

Udemy – Complete guide to SketchUp & Vray – Beginner to Advanced

A simple comprehensive SketchUp and Vray course to take you from beginner to a professional level
What you'll learn

How to use SketchUp to create 3D models
Learn how to use certain Sketchup Extension to elevate your modelling skills
Vray for SketchUp
Rendered animations
360 panorama photos


PC or Mac to install SkechUp and Vray


This SketchUp and Vray course teaches you everything you need to know. We will work together to go through everything in SketchUp and Vray, then after build a house from the ground up.

The main reason I made this course is to show you how we can apply the skills you learn to make something so stunning and give that wow factor to anybody you show. In addition its been created so don't need any knowledge or prior experiences with SketchUp and Vray.

Consisting of 4 main parts, we will go over:

Learning SketchUp

Learning Vray

SketchUp Extensions

House build

Starting off with learning quick tips and tricks is vital for efficient modelling and this is exactly what this course offers. From the beginning we will look how to do everything logically as well as learning all the unique features to each tool. Every tutorial has been carefully planned out, to make sure you know everything you need to know, so you can reach your full potential.

In the build not only will we go over the main parts to create your house (living area, office, bathrooms, staircase, doors and windows, kitchen, bedrooms and so much more) but we will also go though how to organize your model properly, import free CAD drawings, export standard and rendered animations, realistic lighting environments, realistic textures and creating 360 degree panorama images to view online as well as in VR headsets!

You will also have access to free downloadable resources so you can follow along with me in every single tutorial.

This course is for anyone from enthusiasts to professionals, you just need a passion for wanting to learn SketchUp and Vray.

Who this course is for:

Anywhere from beginners to advanced

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  1. Alex
    GarryGraph2020 November 13 10:12
    Можно ссылку на Mediacoin ? Очень нужен этот курс ! Спасибо !
    1. Sonya2020 November 13 16:20
      Ок, готово - забирайте
      1. Alex
        GarryGraph2020 November 13 16:28
        Гуд ! Спасибо за ссылку !
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