Udemy – Introduction to Nuke VFX Compositing: The Essentials – NK101

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Udemy – Introduction to Nuke VFX Compositing: The Essentials – NK101

Udemy – Introduction to Nuke VFX Compositing: The Essentials – NK101

A full Nuke visual effects training course for VFX Compositing in Nuke. Final project of a Junior Compositor shot!

What you'll learn

Nuke's User Interface
Concepts and techniques for digital compositing
Additive color theory
Image formats / resolutions / colors
2d Tracking
Rotopaint and Rotoscoping
Keyframe animation
Color correction / color grading techniques
Introduction to Chroma Keying / Greenscreen removal
Camera traits (Lens distortion, grain, sensor noise)
Cleanplating and removing objects from a scene
Good compositing habits, compositing workflow and hierarchy, script organization


Must have a PC or Mac
Eagerness to learn and perseverance!


This Nuke visual effects training course will take you through the fundamental concepts of VFX Compositing in Nuke, and how to learn the user interface. By the end of the course, you will successfully be able to composite what would be considered a "Junior Digital Compositing" shot.

The final project includes all of the techniques you learn along the way. The class is focused primarily on the 2D aspects of compositing to get you started. It involves replacing a background, color correcting and blending the foreground and background, motion tracking the background to the foreground, and seamlessly bringing it all together. As a bonus, you learn how to create an animated hologram effect from scratch appearing in front of the character!

There will be a lot of theory you need to learn first before you can successfully composite a shot, and with anything worth learning there is a learning curve. But if you persist through you will have a great payoff and skillset at the end, and a great shot to show off that you created!

A thank you to the BLENDER FOUNDATION and Xiph for providing the free footage of the green screen!

Note: You will be required to sign up and download the project files if you want to follow along with this class
Who this course is for:

People who have no experience with digital compositing and are curious to learn
Beginners with experience in another image software (I.E Photoshop or After Effects) and want to transition into Nuke

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