Udemy – Complete Rigging Masterclass In After Effects (Duik 2020)

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Udemy – Complete Rigging Masterclass In After Effects (Duik 2020)

Udemy – Complete Rigging Masterclass In After Effects (Duik 2020)

Master Rigging and animating Using Duik Bassel & Puppet Pins & Master prorerties(Essential Graphic) & and Other Plugins

What you'll learn

Rigging a Character in After Effects Using simple Parenting
Create Master properties Using Essential graghic
Understand all kinds of puppet pins and master using them in rigging a character
learn how to convert a simple puppet pisn rig into a profesional one
Learn how to download and setup Duik Bassel in different ways
learn the basics of duik Bassel
What is IK / FK, Which One to Use and When
How to rig a complete charecter using Duik Bassel
How to rig each part of the body in different ways
How to set up replacement animation in two ways
How to rig a head and facial components
How to rig a head Turn
How to rig animals using Duik
how to create a walking animation automatically using duik bassel For human and animals


ANY Version of Adobe After Effects. Download the Free Trial or Use Your Own Copy of The Software
No Prior Knowledge of Adobe After Effects Required
You DO NOT need any experience with rigging character. This course is for beginners and assumes you don't have any experience with the rigging.
The Course will be based on free scripts so you will not have to buy any


Rigging A character can vary in difficulty from a very simple rig to a complex one, In this Course You will learn a lot of Rigs , You will be able to Rig any character , animal or even any object with different ways some of them are very simple and others are complicated but with this course , these difficult ways will be clear and easy.You will learn alot of secrets and techniques that we learnt though hudreds of projects we rigged thousands of characters in them. so You will be able to rig easily whatever the project requirements You are working on.

In these Course you will learn the secrets and techniques of the crew of the academy over the past ten year of rigging in After effects.

We start from the Basics so don't worry of not having any prior knowledge and we will take the begginer or those who rig for the first time to the professional level. This course makes the life of animators (and riggers) easier.

You will learn to rig a character and then create a walk cycle for it, in the shortest time and easiest way.

In the second chapter you will be able to rig a complete character using simple features and create a master property by using Essential graphic.

In the third Chapter, you will know all the secrets of rigging a character with puppet pins. You will learn How and when to use each pin. You will also learn how to use some expressions and secrets that turn Your puppet Rig into a professional one.

In Chapter The Duik Basel script. With this script you can easily rig your character, just by one click and also you can create walk cycle animation for your character, just by one click. All the expressions and the actions that a person needs to spend hours to do for rigging and animating, Duik does by one click and this feature makes it a powerful script for this purpose.

But it may have happened to you when after spending a lot of time on the Internet to find a complete course of this script, You were faced with incomplete tutorials, each expressing a part and they have never fully explained all the tools in this script.

That’s why, In this course, we want to completely present the last version of Duik script and check all the options in detail with practical examples.

If you wanna to be great in the 2D animation, this course will be useful for you.

Be Professional with Master Rigging and Animation tutorial in the After Effects and free Duik Bassel plug-in.

Learn these professional methods in practical and simple way:

What is Rigging

Types Of Rigging

How you can manage Anchor Point Easily

Use parenting To make simple Rigging

How you can manage Pre-compose in the rigging process

Essential Graphic Advanced Use in Rgging

Use Nulls and Sliders to make advanced rig

introduction | How can you use Puppet Pins in rigging

Master the use of Position Pins in Rigging characters

Master the use of Bend Pins in Rigging characters

Master the use of Advanced Pins in Rigging characters

Master the use of Starch Pins in Rigging characters to add stiffness

Master the use of Overlap Pins in Rigging characters

Master adjusting the Mesh Parameters

Recording Motion in two ways

Master Using Null to drive Pins to make advanced puppet rig

When | How | why do You use Legacy and Advanced Puppet engine

Installing Duik Bassel In different ways that can solve many problems

Which Duik Modeyou should work on

Master the Basics of Duik Structure

Learn simple Arm Rigging

Master Fully Parented Arm

Master Fully Puppet pin Arm

Master Puppet pin Upper Arm Parented Hand

Master Four Puppet pins Arm

Master Parented upper Arm Puppet pin lower arm

Master Rigging a replacement Hand in two ways

Master Rigging a Mechanical Hand

Master FK & 2 IK & 3 IK Parented Fingers 3 ways

Master fully puppet fingers

Master Pose Morphing Fingers in two ways

How can you make a Parented Leg rig easily

How can you make a Puppet leg rig easily

How can you make a Manual Torso Rigging perfectly

Master Autorig Torso in simple way

Master Eye Pupil Rigging In different professional ways

Master Eye Blinking Rigging In different professional ways

Make emotions with EyeBrow Rigging Easily

Mouth Rigging- Lip sync in simple way

Head Turn animation with Duik

Rig A Fox In a professional way

Master making a professional Walk cycle

Master Animal walk Cycle by a secret trick

Who this course is for:

Anyone who wants to master rigging in after effects
Anyone who wants to mater using puppet pins
Anyone who wants to master Duik Bassel
Anyone who wants to learn how to set up master properties professionally in the process of rigging
Anyone who wants to making the process of animating characters in motion graghic videos an easy process

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