Pluralsight – Unity Materials Fundamentals (ENG/RUS)

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Pluralsight – Unity Materials Fundamentals (ENG/RUS)

Pluralsight – Unity Materials Fundamentals (ENG/RUS)

Title: Unity Materials Fundamentals

Producer: Pluralsight

Video format: MP4, 1280x720

Duration: 2h 18m

Project Files: Included

Language: English / Russian

Home Page: _

Description: Have you ever wanted to make your 3D assets really look like the materials that you are texturing them to be? If you are tired of all of your assets looking flat and plastic, then this is the course for you. This course, Unity Materials Fundamentals, will walk you through the different material settings in Unity that are available within the Physically Based Shading materials in Unity. You will explore what each of the map types are and how they change the overall look of your asset. You will learn how different shader types change the options available to you and how it will allow you to find the look you are after. Finally, you will learn the importance of materials, textures, shaders, emissive textures, and lighting; and see how they work together to create your final look. Throughout the entire course we will be reinforcing the importance of referencing concept art and collecting real world reference images as guides to our final result. Software Required: Unity.

Updated: Added Russian translation!

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