Drawing & Painting Tutorials Collection 1 October 2019

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Drawing & Painting Tutorials Collection 1 October 2019

Get Ultimate Drawing & Painting Tutorials Collection 1 by October 2019!


Introduction to Casein, a Milk Paint
If you've never heard of casein paint before, don't fret, you're not alone. Although this medium is older than oils, it's fallen under most artists' radars for quite a while. Casein is a medium similar to gouache; not quite like watercolor and not quite like acrylic.

Painting a Toad with Acryla Gouache
My 45 minute tutorial on painting a Couche's Spadefoot Toad with Acryla Gouache. We start by using a grid technique to draw a Spadefoot Toad in about 10 minutes

Watercolor Leaf Prints for Fall Fun!
This class provides a new twist to the family fun favorite... leaf prints! With these techniques, you'll bypass the mess created by printing with inks and rollers. You'll learn new ways to create stand alone art ready to frame, postcards and notecards to send to distant friends and family, and even a canvas print ready to display on the wall!

Painting Skulls in Watercolor
Let's jump into watercolor portraiture! In this class we will be painting a value study (black and white) and a color skull portrait. I demonstrate the entire painting giving commentary and tips the whole way through. I have included the reference image I worked from so that you can paint along with me!

Art for Kids: Learn How to Draw a Mystical Dragon!
This Mystical Dragon drawing lesson may be just what you are looking for! Designed with beginners in mind, this drawing lesson is perfect for ages 7+. The teaching process used is a kid-tested, step-by-step method that will both inspire and delight your child into drawing action! The process involves organizing shapes and lines together until a recognizable outcome is achieved.

Paint an Easy Halloween Haunted House with Watercolors
Do you want to learn how to paint a haunted house easily, but you don’t have much experience with watercolors? If you take this class I’ll teach you how to paint this fun haunted house within an hour.

Use the golden ratio to quickly create stunning icon sets.
Want your icons to look great and read quickly? Join award winning designer Brian White as he walks you through his process to quickly create professional icon sets that match and work as a system. By taking the guess work out of spacing and sizing this class will show you how to quickly create usable icon sets. Come along and see how Brian creates a simple rotation icon with similar spacing to a heart as well as a more detailed icon, the book. Lastly take a sneak peek into the deconstruction of a more advanced organic shape icon, the fire.

Creativity Classes for Beginners - The Reflection Project - By artist Sylvie (Kipik)
I am so thrilled to present to you my first Skillshare class! I have been an artist all my life, have worked as a painter, illustrator, Graphic Designer, Magic Bean Buyer and Dreamer, and I slowly started to teach my skills more and more. My students have taught me a lot and I have now devised some awesome techniques for anyone, beginner or advanced, young or old, confident or terrified ; techniques that breaks the barriers of skills to let students access their inner spark of creativity right-away. This is very important to me. The key is... "FUN" ...through fun we take down all barriers.

Lynda - Learning Fresco
Learn how to use Fresco, the pressure-sensitive drawing and painting app from Adobe that is designed to be used with stylus and touch devices. Instructor Kyle Webster begins with the basics of how to use Fresco including customizing the interface. He explains technical components of the program such as locating recent documents, saving files, and exporting your work, and dives into more artistic aspects including how to use tools to achieve looks including watercolor, oil, pencils, and mixed medi

Beyond the Live Paint Bucket Tool - Color your Image Traced Motifs in AI - Surface Pattern Design
Hi! I’m Danielle Kinley Ryland, a surface pattern designer and owner of Tiger Tale Designs. In this class, we are going to cover interesting ways to color your image traced motifs in Illustrator. If you are interested in surface pattern design, if you do not have a drawing tablet, or would rather hand draw and image trace your motifs, this class is for you. Sometimes image trace can feel limiting in terms of how you can colorize, so this class is meant to give you ideas on how to color in a way that is more dynamic and interesting.

Fast and Beautiful Thumbnail Design!
See how I quickly make the thumbnail for this class and what I do to make all of my new thumbnails very quickly while showing a consistently branded image plus clearly communicating what the purpose of the video class is!

How to make your own Halloween digital stamps and sell them on Etsy
In this 24-minutes class I'll show you my easy process to create your own digital stamps from a sketch to the final illustration in Photoshop. All you need is a sketchbook, a computer (and Photoshop), a digitizer tablet and a scanner or camera ( your phone will do the trick ). You don't need to be a pro at all, but you'll need to know how to use a digitizer tablet. When you finish the class, you can open your own store on Etsy and earn some bucks!

Surface Pattern - Sketchy Mock-up Design
Did you wonder how to present your surface patterns in the best possible way with cohesive look, even if you use them for wallpaper, fabric, shoes, camera, shoes or even cloths?Did you wonder where to get the perfect photo for your mock-ups or how to pick the right photos for all this different topics?

Create your own magic illustration. Luminous Objects and a Brickwork in Watercolor.
This course is a step by step guide to creating a cozy magic illustration in watercolor. Great fo Christmas theme.

Painting Wild Places with Watercolors: Learn To Paint Winter's Light
Forged from the creation of his 111 Public Television "How to Paint" episodes, Gary has perfected his popular step-by-step teaching method for watercolor . Rather than progress from an "easy" painting to a more difficult painting, Gary starts his students on "any given painting." Choose "the subject" (the painting) that you prefer, and Gary will walk you through its creation from start to finish.

Brush Lettering 2: Alphabet Basics
Brush Lettering: Alphabet Basics is a great resource for learning to build letters with brush pens. Before you know it, you'll be up and running, creating a balanced, dimensional alphabet!

Making Artwork Using Handmade and Digital Techniques
This class is for everyone who want to open up or extend their artistic and designer skills.

A Practical Approach To Drawing
In this class, I'll guide you along a step-by-step approach to drawing from observation. We'll learn how to break down what we see in front of us into basic shapes and forms and how to translate that into a drawing. This class will be great for anyone who's ever wanted to learn how to draw, but didn't know where to start.

Figure Drawing from Life: Why and How to get Started
Learn why you need life drawing if you're studying any kind of visual art - or be reminded if you know you should practice it - and what you can get out of it. Then get a few useful tips and tricks on finding the resources to do it at home, or with your artist friends!

Stylizing Eyes - Unlocking the Secret to Drawing Eyes in Any Style
You may have seen some of your favorite artists drawing eyes in seemingly magical ways. The truth is that all professional artists - whether they be cartoonists, manga artists, comic book illustrators, etc. - started with the same fundamental concepts, and I’m going to show you how to unlock those secrets!

Fearless Art Jumpstart: A 14-Day Drawing Challenge to Unlock Your Creative Self
This class is a 14-day drawing challenge which does just that. I'll be giving you 14 different creative prompts, one for each day, and trying to give you little tips and bits of inspiration along the way to keep you motivated. I've tried making the prompts as varied as possible so that you can try out new things, push out of your comfort zone and become more and more fearless in your art-making.

Watercolor Basics: Easy Dramatic Sky using Wet on Dry Blending Technique
Welcome to Watercolor Basics: Easy Dramatic Sky using Wet on Dry Blending Technique with Heidi Seidl, in this fun and easy Skillshare class we are going to learn the second technique to blend with watercolor Wet on Dry technique and you will be able to create beautiful pieces of art that expresses itself better than words, at the end of this class you will understand much better your fabulous chosen medium, Watercolor.

Painting Loose Watercolor Cone Flowers
SUPPLIES: Canson 140 lb. cold press paper, Optional: Legion 140 lb. cold press paper, Princeton round brushes, sizes 2, 3, 6 (x2), 8, HB pencil for sketching, Dust-free eraser. Paint colors: Permanent Rose, Indian Red, Sepia, Lamp Black, Raw Umber, Green Gold, Greenish Umber,
Palette (or salad plate). Palette shown in video by @sylvanclayworks: Cup of water, Paper towel to blot

Halloween Children's Painting Course. Step-by-Step Art Classes for Young Artists.
In this course we will be creating three Halloween painting projects: scary pumpkin, creepy graveyard landscape and grisaille style painting bat in the moonlit sky.

This exciting tutorial is called 'Deepquiet Stillness', and we will be painting to life one of my favourite original landscapes from a recent collection that I released. This soulscape is jam packed full of depth, mist and serenity, and I will guide you through every single step that I take to achieve the final outcome. I highly recommend that you take a meander through my first tutorial ‘Getting Started With Oil Paints’ before beginning this class. I explained what products and materials I will be using in all of these tutorials, and why they are my absolute favourite things to create art with. I also go over some basic tips and tricks that are super handy for those who are just starting out!

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