Skillshare – Beginner's Unorthodox Guide to Drawing Characters -- Part 1

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Skillshare – Beginner's Unorthodox Guide to Drawing Characters -- Part 1

Skillshare – Beginner's Unorthodox Guide to Drawing Characters -- Part 1

While tracing is not drawing, it’s good for you! Without much effort, you’ll be introduced to, and get a feel for, curves, anatomy, and perspective when it comes to drawing human characters.

We’ll break things down even simpler, starting with silhouette shapes and how overlines can give those shapes life.

The third lesson brings tracing back, but with a twist.

This time we’re turning a rough drawing into a final one.

The fourth lesson is also a little tracing, but with much more design freedom.

We will then work with an even rougher sketch, where we will turn a basic “piped” silhouette into a character.

The fifth lesson will be a little more challenging, starting with a stick figure.

We will create a character starting from a simple stick figure, adding the pipes, overlines, and costume to create your own character again.

The final lesson... we build a character from start to finish.

We will make a character completely from scratch, start to finish.

There will be worksheets for you to print out to use during this class, which you will find below in the class project details. Loosen up, have fun, and learn something!

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