The Gnomon Workshop – Multi Pass Rendering and Compositing (FULL ENG/RUS)

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The Gnomon Workshop – Multi Pass Rendering and Compositing (FULL ENG/RUS)

Multi Pass Rendering and Compositing – full video tutorial by The Gnomon Workshop


In this training series, 3D Artist Robby Branham goes through fundamental and advanced multi-pass rendering and compositing techniques using Maya, VRay and Nuke. Theses tutorials will demonstrate how to gain more control over the rendering and compositing process to dramatically speed up workflows and give users greater artistic control. Production techniques include how to streamline the render layer, render pass, and compositing trees setups. Render passes that are demonstrated include point position, uv, normals, facing ratio, ambient occlusion and many others. There is an in depth discussion about VRay Light Selects and 2.5D relighting to help fine tune the 3D lighting in a 2D environment. Deep Rendering and Compositing workflows are demonstrated on how to manage the complex data and improve stability within the 3D rendering pipeline. There is also a breakdown of the cover art and how the techniques can be applied in a high quality production environment.


MP4 1920x1080 | Total time: 4h 02m | ENG/RUS | Project Files Included | 4.12 GB

В этом видеокурсе 3D художник Робби Брэнхам расскажет про фундаментальные и продвинутые техники мульти-пасс рендеринга и композитинга с помощью Maya, VRay и Nuke. Вы узнаете как получить больше контроля над процессом рендеринга и композитинга, что поможет ускорить ваш воркфлоу. Техники продакшена включают в себя упрощение сетапов рендер-слоев, рендер пассов и дерева нодов. Продемонстрированные рендер пассы включают в себя point position, uv, normal, facing ratio, ambient occlusion и многие другие.

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