Udemy – SOLIDWORKS and Plastic Injection Mold Design (basic)

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Udemy – SOLIDWORKS and Plastic Injection Mold Design (basic)

Video сourse: Udemy – SOLIDWORKS and Plastic Injection Mold Design (basic)

SOLIDWORKS Training: Basics of Plastic Injection Molding & Mold (core & cavity) generation & design using SOLIDWORKS.

What you'll learn
Will be having knowledge on Injection Molding, its defects, designing cores & cavities.
Can efficiently use Solidworks software for generating cores and cavities for injection Molding and casting purposes
Will have the knowledge of the Mold design Process and basic terminologies used in the industry.

Basic Engineering (Mechanical or Aerospace or an field related to design) knowledge.
Solidworks Design Basics.
Access to Solidworks 2012 and above.
Main requirement is the curiosity and interest to learn.

SOLIDWORKS mold design is a module present in SOLIDWORKS that contains many useful tools which aid in the design of molds for injection molding and casting. Plastic Injection Molding is a versatile and handy technique for producing plastic parts in mass quantities. A lot of the products that we use in our daily life are manufactured through this process. A variety of industries starting from consumer products to mission-critical aerospace and medical Industries, rely on the process of injection molding to produce the parts they require. Despite having many advantages and applications, the major complicated, time-consuming and costly part of the Injection Molding process is the mold design, used for producing the parts. In the process of Mold design, generation of different features such as the parting lines and surfaces, shut-off surfaces and tooling splits is very crucial for the most critical component i.e. the Mold in the Injection Molding process. SOLIDWORKS is a software that is widely used in the industry for designing complicated products with ease. In this course, we will be using the SOLIDWORKS 2018 software and the SOLIDWORKS mold tools present in the software to generate Mold (core & cavity) that can be used as a part of the Mold assembly for either of the Injection Molding or the Casting process.Having knowledge on such type of modules in SOLIDWORKS software will make you stand out of the crowd of basic SOLIDWORKS users.

Who is the target audience?
Engineering Students.
People Curious about plastics and Injection Molding.
General Hobbyist.

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