FXPHD – VFX204 Lamborghini Project Compositing & Integration

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Video сourse: FXPHD – VFX204 Lamborghini Project Compositing & Integration

In this Nuke compositing course, Simon Rafin goes through the entire process of integrating the Lamborghini rendered in Charles Chorein’s VFX203 course into the plate. A significant portion of this course is dedicated to blending CGI shadows with plate shadows in an efficient, versatile setup that gives you plenty of latitude to grade and adjust shadows the way you see fit.

Simon relies on production proven techniques that can be adapted to any shot, like general workflow rules, grain matching, chromatic aberration setup, using AOVs to breakup the CGI elements, or using alembics to create mattes as needed.
He focuses on obtaining a fast, controllable result that allows the user to get the shot ready for supervisor/client review.

Simon Rafin is a senior/lead compositor at Industrial Light & Magic with 10 years of experience. In London, he worked on films such has Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part II, Pirates of the Caribbeann Stranger Tides, Wrath of the Titans, Man of Steel, Thor: the Dark World, Jupiter Ascending. In 2014, he moved to ILM’s Singapore office where he has contributed to, amongst others, Warcraft/em> , StarWars: The Force Awakens/em> and Kong: Skull Island.

MP4 1920x1040 | 4h 05m | ENG | Project Files | 4.86 GB

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