Learn Squared – World Building with Paul Chadeisson

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Video сourse: Learn Squared – World Building with Paul Chadeisson

World Building

Instructor – Paul Chadeisson

The world is yours. Follow along as renowned concept artist Paul Chadeisson covers his 2D to 3D workflow, including sketching, photobashing, and environment painting, as well as sculpting and rendering realistic environments – everything you need to create a unique world from the ground up.

Lessons in this Course
Software Used: Adobe Photoshop, 3D-Coat, Octane Render

Defining Your World
(3 hrs, 38 min)
Using our World Builder Tool, we’ll quickly generate a unique idea for your world which encompasses multiple architectural influences and design aesthetics. You will learn black and white sketching techniques in Photoshop and line drawing methods, which will help you experiment and explore the detail of your world with ease.

2D Concept Art
(2 hrs, 39 min)
With your detailed black and white sketches from the previous lesson, you’ll begin your journey into environment painting. You’ll learn techniques to incorporate color and mood to create a base for your first image. Finally, we’ll cover the process of photobashing and some additional Photoshop tools to push your drawings to a second finished image.

3D Techniques
(2 hrs, 26 min)
Reproduce your sketches from the previous lessons by learning the main tools of 3D-Coat and using them to bring your designs to life. We’ll cover the basics of how to properly set up a scene in 3D, as well as get familiar with Octane Renderer, from which you’ll output several views of your scene. These images will be used as a base to finalize your concept in Photoshop during the final lesson.

Final Concepts
(57 min)
In this last lesson, you’ll finalize your images and turn them into full concepts, ready to show to your art director or client. Using your work from the previous lesson, you’ll select a minimum of two renders from Octane and import them to Photoshop where you’ll add final details.

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