Smith Micro – Learning Poser® 11 and Poser® Pro 11 Video Tutorials

Author Alex
Smith Micro – Learning Poser® 11 and Poser® Pro 11 Video Tutorials

Over 7 hours of personal instruction in 14 step-by-step video tutorials focusing on specific features of Poser 11 and Poser Pro 11.

Jump start your skills with the most comprehensive Poser learning resource ever released. Animator and Poser Artist, Steve Harms, shares his workflow secrets and guides your learning beginning with the Poser basics; navigating the user interface, locating tools, operating cameras and posing figures. You'll quickly move forward with intermediate skills while exploring the vast content library, setting up scenes and rendering your artwork. Before you know it you'll grasp advanced understanding of Poser's powerful features while delving into a thorough understanding of materials, lighting, rendering, animation and character customization.

Beginners will feel comfortable and quickly grow their abilities while advanced users will supplement their skill set and get exposed to the latest features in Poser 11. This tutorial series is uniquely designed to accelerate your learning while having fun and creating 3D art that inspires. Steve's casual teaching style will expand your artistry by taking advantage of the abundant Poser library of 3D characters, vehicles, props and presets. You'll also discover Poser's powerful content creation tools to morph, sculpt, and create your own original characters and bring them to life with animation skills that make them walk and talk. You'll learn how easy it is to express and render your imagination from Sketch, Comic and Toon styles to the realism of the brand new SuperFly render engine.

Whether you’re new to Poser or looking to polish your skills, you'll be amazed at how much you'll learn in each video and how fun and easy it is working in Poser. You'll leave with a deep understanding of the Poser 11 features and be well versed in many 3D techniques found in your favorite art, television and film.

MP4 1920x1080 | 7h 06m | ENG | +PDF | 6.86 GB

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  1. jeffrey spinner
    jeffglobal2018 October 24 01:03
    If you can find any professional level Daz3d tutorials OTHER THAN the Digital Art Live 4-7, 8, and hair and clothes "tutorials" stuff you have included in various bundles, I'd be most appreciative. Those webinars are both too long and the woman is SO good, but shows so little, the skipped parts are what I need to learn...

    There's a huge gap between the Daz3d youtube videos the company itself posted and anything professional.

    Thanks for not getting angry, if my request is unjustified. I just can't find ANYTHING anywhere really.
    1. Sonya2018 October 24 11:44
      Ok, we will try to find something on this topic.
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