Udemy – Photoshop Portrait Editing Masterclass – Master Retouching for Awesome Portrait Photos

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Udemy – Photoshop Portrait Editing Masterclass – Master Retouching for Awesome Portrait Photos

Video сourse: Udemy – Photoshop Portrait Editing Masterclass – Master Retouching for Awesome Portrait Photos

Learn Photoshop Portrait Editing for Fun or Profit! Many of my university students have went on to become full-time wedding photographers or do portrait photography on the side for extra income. Learn the industry-standard portrait photo editing techniques today!

This is the course that can teach you everything you need to know to advance in portrait photography Photoshop retouching, whether you're a professional photographer looking to offer more services to clients and increase income, or a hobbyist looking to improve personal photos.

Ever wonder how portrait photographers have compelling portfolio photos? Or how magazine models look so flawless in those feature stories and covers?

In this course, I've included the essential retouching techniques to succeed in portrait photography Photoshop editing, including

Removing dark circles
Removing wrinkles, hot spots, and blemishes
Making eyes larger, sharpening and whitening eyes
Removing red lines in eyes
Changing eye color
Reshaping eyebrows
Reshaping and whitening teeth
Making lips larger
Adding or adjusting lipstick
Adding glossy shine to lips
Modifying the nose
Removing stray hairs
Adding highlights to hair
Changing hair color
Lightening shadows on the face
Darkening areas on the face
Three methods for softening skin
Adding digital makeup
Two slimmer look methods

These are methods you can use to improve your own photos for fun, or you can apply them to photos in your portfolio to attract more clients. Add excitement and interest to engagement photos, wedding photos, professional and executive photos, maternity photos, and all the other various categories of portrait photos.

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