Digital-Tutors – Complete ZBrush Learning Paths

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Digital-Tutors – Complete ZBrush Learning Paths

Complete ZBrush Learning Paths – download the full series of video courses by Digital-Tutors (Pluralsight)

This tutorials are from around 2015-2016 Learning Path
Each folder has several tutorials inside them. Check the File List to see the complete list of tutorials.


01 How to get Started
01 Beginner's Guide to ZBrush
02 Introduction to ZBrush
03 Mesh Creation Concepts in ZBrush
04 Hard Surface Techniques in ZBrush 4R5
05 Sculpting a Realistic Bust in ZBrush
06 Texture Painting in ZBrush
07 Asset Pipeline in Maya and ZBrush
08 Topology Tools in ZBrush
09 Working Quickly in ZBrush
10 Creature Concept Sculpting in ZBrush
11 UV Master in ZBrush
12 Sculpting the Human Body in ZBrush
13 Cloth Sculpting Workflows in ZBrush
14 Fiber Techniques in ZBrush
15 Creating High Resolution Characters in ZBrush
16 Techniques for Sculpting Like the Masters in ZBrush
17 High-Resolution Game Character Creation Pipeline in ZBrush and Maya
18 Using the Decimation Master in ZBrush
19 Presentation Techniques in ZBrush

02 ZBrush for Character Artists
01 Modeling a Female Hero in ZBrush and Maya
02 Texturing a Female Hero in ZBrush
03 Professional Series Creature Concepting in ZBrush
04 Professional Series Painting and Rendering in ZBrush
05 Creating a Cartoon Scientist in ZBrush
06 Hyper Detailing Workflows in ZBrush
07 Creating a Fantasy Dragon in ZBrush
08 Creating a Detailed Forest Creature in ZBrush
09 Creating a Portfolio-Ready Demon Concept in ZBrush
10 Creating a Photorealistic Female Character in ZBrush and 3ds Max

03 ZBrush and Maya Pipeline
01 Skill-Builder Sculpting in ZBrush and Maya
02 Pipeline Integration with Maya and ZBrush
03 Creating Game Weapons in Maya and ZBrush
04 Creating Game Characters with Maya and ZBrush
05 FiberMesh Integration with ZBrush
06 Multi-Tile Texture Workflows
07 Toon Image Creation in Maya and ZBrush
08 Character Creation Pipeline in Maya and ZBrush
09 Creating Medieval Character Concepts in ZBrush and Maya
10 Texturing a Realistic Human in Maya and ZBrush
11 Modeling a Mech Robot in ZBrush
12 Creating a Sea Creature in Maya and ZBrush
13 Character and Scene Development in ZBrush
14 Game Prop Workflows in Maya and Marmoset Toolbag
15 Crafting Characters from Design to Composite in ZBrush and Maya

04 Texturing in ZBrush
02 Materials and Rendering in ZBrush
03 Projection Painting with Spotlight in ZBrush
04 Creating Seamless Textures for Games
05 Creating Game Assets in ZBrush

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    Digital-Tutors – Complete 3ds Max Learning Paths


    Digital-Tutors – Complete Mudbox Learning Paths

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