Digital-Tutors – Complete Maya Learning Paths

Author Alex
Digital-Tutors – Complete Maya Learning Paths

Complete Maya Learning Paths – download the full series of video courses by Digital-Tutors (Pluralsight)

This tutorials are from around 2015-2016 Learning Path
Each folder has several tutorials inside them. Check the File List to see the complete list of tutorials.


01 How to Get Started in Maya
02 How to Get Started with Modeling in Maya
03 Lighting in Maya
04 Modeling for Character Artists in Maya
05 Environment Modeling in Maya
06 Hard Surface Modeling in Maya
07 Texturing in Maya
08 Rendering in Maya
09 How to Get Started with Rigging in Maya
10 Creature Rigging for Production in Maya
11 Animation Principles in Maya
12 Character Animation in Maya
13 Dynamics in Maya
14 Creating Game Art in Maya

Torrent file at download links.

Download links:

  1. Ben2018 August 13 06:42
    3ds Max , ZBrush & Mudbox

    1. Sonya2018 August 13 18:20
      Ok, ZBrush coming next
  2. arshad
    arshad2018 August 13 20:31
    How to extract these files,
    even after installing .7z not able to extract,
    what to do ????
    1. Sonya2018 August 13 20:55
      More details plz about you problem.

      Right mouse button click on 7z.001 > 7-zip > Unpack

      P.S. 7-zip 18.01 used.
  3. dx2018 August 14 10:35
    hye where are the links?
    1. Sonya2018 August 14 11:08
      Register and login to see links.
      1. dx2018 August 14 11:36
        how to register ?
        i don't see any link to register
        1. Sonya2018 August 14 13:43
          Are you kidding?

          1. dx2018 August 14 14:07
            really sorry smile smiley
            i never seen those fields
            feeling like a fool now to ask you such stupid question
            1. Sonya2018 August 14 15:01
              It's okay smile smile
  4. jeffrey spinner
    jeffglobal2018 August 14 16:42
    Hmmmm, Maya, Substance Painter and ZBrush tutorials together! I so love playing with clay and fingerpaints. You have an ETA for the ZBrush tutorial set? I downloaded the intro (which I should know) and the Tips and Tricks (which I may not know, I haven't used ZBrush for a year.)

    Given my Machinima nature, is there a reason you don't consider SOUND too? The best Art and Graphics are nothing without the ears. A great director once said, "pass that boy, pls," WAIT, no...he said, "The ears first, the eyes follow." After more than a year almost every day deep in CGI, I found, holy cow, he was Right! ????‍????
  5. razor19112018 August 15 01:07
    Just wanted to say I do have a HUGE GRATITUDE for your adding all this.
  6. mivtt
    mivtt2018 August 15 17:42
    And Cinema 4D! :D
    Thank you! I really appreciate it!
  7. Juan Perez
    Ren232018 August 31 03:26
    Hi, good day.
    I have just one question. Is there any chance you could put all of this on torrent?
    1. Sonya2018 August 31 08:39
      Sorry, now there is no way to support torrent tracker
  8. Oliver
    oliver2018 November 2 05:58
    When will you get Topogun pleaaaseeee
  9. Lebarka
    lebarka2018 December 14 06:20
    hello, 13_Dynamics_in_Maya.7z.003 and 13_Dynamics_in_Maya.7z.007 at Hitfile are expired. Could you please reupload?
    1. Sonya2018 December 14 13:09
      Done, fixed - try now.
      1. Lebarka
        lebarka2018 December 14 14:54
        Thanks a lot!
      2. Lebarka
        lebarka2018 December 15 01:08
        Would you be so kind to fix 12_Character_Animation_in_Maya.7z.007 Hitfile as well? Thank you!
        1. Sonya2018 December 15 10:33
          Done, try now.
  10. Michael Mensah
    Yebster Misterio2018 December 25 16:46
    files not found or deleted on hitfile
    1. Sonya2018 December 26 13:31
      Get torrent.
      1. Michael Mensah
        Yebster Misterio2018 December 26 14:01
        I love that, thanks
  11. saber
    saberToday, 15:55
    The links are unavailable now
    1. SonyaToday, 17:52
      Fixed - try now
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