RGGEDU – Creative Photoshop Techniques With Renee Robyn

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RGGEDU – Creative Photoshop Techniques With Renee Robyn

RGGEDU – Creative Photoshop Techniques With Renee Robyn

For composite photographers, creating images is bound only by imagination. Dream like photographs with incredible realism can be built from a series of different, and often unrelated, components. Renee Robyn is know across the globe for her ability to push the limits of Photoshop in building her unique composites.
In this post production only tutorial, Renee takes you through every step of her process. The tutorial starts with a look at fresh ideas to use Photoshop tools to better maximize post production time. Renee moves on to build the image we are calling, “Ice Warrior,” from scratch where you see Renee take the image from basic concept to it’s final polish.
General Overview
Closed Captions In English
19 Videos of Instructional Content
Nearly 6 hours of Instantly Downloadable Content
iTunes Ready Optimized for Mobile Viewing
RAWs Included for You to Follow Along
Watch and Learn Renee’s Creative Workflow
Backplates Included
Elements and Texture Overlays Included
Learn Best Practices for Building Composites
Learn Masking and Isolation
Learn How to use Blending Modes
Learn How to Maximize Working Elements and Backplates
Learn How to Color Grade
Learn How to Dodge and Burn
Learn How to Use and Create Brushes
Learn Composite Strategy
Learn Keyboard Shortcuts
Understand Threshold

MP4 1920x1080 | 5h 56m | ENG | Project Files | 2.43 GB

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