Udemy – Creating LUTs in Photoshop – For Images and Videos!

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Udemy – Creating LUTs in Photoshop – For Images and Videos!

Creating LUTs in Photoshop – For Images and Videos! – video сourse by Udemy

Create LUTS in Photoshop - Make your images and videos amazing and sell you LUTS for Profit!

What Will I Learn?
You will get much better in Photoshop!
You will be able to work comfortably with adjustement layers in photoshop
You will get much better with Camera Raw!
You will be able to make money selling your LUTS online!
You will be able to create your own high quality LUTS for Images and Videos
You will learn understand color theory usefeyl for images and videos

Basic Knowledge of Photoshop would be helpful
Photoshop CC

Editing videos can be challenging. It often depends on many different conditions to edit a video or a still frame.There are a lot of different conditions to edit for in Great way to help you speed up your editing process are LUTs!

So what the LUT stand for? It means Look Up Tables which use RGB (red, green and blue) channels of an frame, which you can apply to other image or video to change it RGB values. Which can also save you a lot of time!

So who LUTs are so important and how can they improve your workflow? Imagine you are having set of an images that need to have the same colors. You can just use one image to create the certain effect and save it as and Look Up Table, and after that just apply excatly the same after to all of your images without wasting time. Or maybe you work on the video to which you want to apply some creative color grading. You can use LUTs on your videos to create the look you really want withing wasting a time.

In this coruse we will work and create 3D LUTS. Which give you accurate and realistic color control by putting color into a 3D cube which hold inputs and outputs of your RGB channels.

LUTs are extremaly beneficial for enhancing tones and lights of the videos and images without spending hours on editing. Learning how to create them can allow you to customize color grading for your own needs, or help you to sell LUTs to other people who are looking for saving time solutions.

In this course I am going to teach you everything from beginning that is needed to create high quality LUTs. We will start simple by indoructing you photoshop adjustement layers which are cruical part when it comes to creating basic LUTs.

Later, with help of LUT generator we will be creating advanced LUTs using Adjustement layers and Camera Raw, which gives you amazing control on each and specyfic color as well as allows you to adjust the contrast in a very precise way!

Create you own LUTs, to stand out with your color grading, and inspire other people by giving them the oportunity to use your color expertise on their projects!

What is the great part of this course - you will get acces to the 12 LUTs we created in this coruse. As well as acces to the images that will help you to create your own LUTs for the future!

Enjoy the course!

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