Schoolism – Designing with Color and Light with Nathan Fowkes

Author Alex
Schoolism – Designing with Color and Light with Nathan Fowkes

Designing with Color and Light with Nathan Fowkes – video learning by Schoolism

This course is a serious exploration of using color and light to create compelling concept art and environment design for entertainment art projects. I'll take you step by step through the practical application of:

- Color theory to create powerful color statements.
- Color choices that create a variety of emotional beats for storytelling.

- Designing atmosphere for a sense of environment and mood.
- Lighting design.
- Building your concept art portfolio.

Additionally, I'll show you how the production pipeline works at an entertainment design studio and the role of the art department in the design process. We'll go through the entire process of developing an idea by taking it through the stages of thumbnail comp, tonal rough, color rough and final color.

MP4 1920x1080 | 9 chapters | ENG | 16.5 GB

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  1. Mai Pham
    maidan20202018 August 9 22:03
    is there another link ?
    1. Sonya2018 August 9 22:17
      No, only hitfile and nitroflare
  2. Talat H
    talathussainkhan2018 September 27 03:33
    Could you please re-upload this on hitfile with 999mb segments for free download option, thanks!
    1. Birdie
      B1rd132018 October 1 21:03
      Yes, please, this course looks amazing, but we cannot get at as it is... Please help?
  3. Talat H
    talathussainkhan2018 October 19 18:04
    Sonya, this is the other course you must re-upload for free download on Hitfile, please flushed Actually, if you do this one, the other one doesn't matter!
    1. Sonya2018 October 19 18:50
      Ok, I'll do it later - now I don’t have time at all
  4. Talat H
    talathussainkhan2018 October 21 13:27
    I see you've put it up already, thank you so much Sonya! heart_eyes heart_eyes kissing_closed_eyes kissing_closed_eyes
  5. Zapatto2018 December 2 19:07
    Could you please re-upload
    1. Sonya2018 December 2 20:26
      Hitfile links OK.
  6. gellio2018 December 6 12:21
    Please reup NF if it's ok, thanks!
    1. Sonya2018 December 6 15:33
      Ok, nitroflare links updated.
      1. gellio2018 December 6 15:34
        Hey you're way too fast, thank you again Sonya!
  7. Roberto Fuentes
    skarlosrock2018 December 10 02:32
    contain the feedback of the assignments?
  8. Gaspar Noah Breh
    Designsbro2019 April 2 13:20
    refresh those links. thanks
    1. Sonya2019 April 2 19:15
      Done, all fixed
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