Pluralsight – InDesign CC Print Production

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Pluralsight – InDesign CC Print Production

InDesign CC Print Production – video learning by Pluralsight

InDesign CC is a widely used print design program. This course will teach you the basics of setting up and completing your project within InDesign, including preparing the document, all the way to packaging and exporting the final design for print.

Are you or your company in need of print products but don’t know how to put them together? If so, InDesign CC Print Production is the perfect course for you because you’ll learn how to use the number one print layout program to successfully produce your print-ready piece. First, you’ll learn how to set up and manipulate your document for your specific needs. Next, you’ll discover how to correctly incorporate colors and images into your project properly. Finally, you’ll explore how to package and export the finished document for the printer. When you’re finished with this course, you'll not only be able to create a print product in InDesign but also understand how to export that file properly for printers and other vendors.

Software required: InDesign CC.

MP4 1280x720 | 1h 33m | ENG | Project Files | 245 MB

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  1. Guest Ray2018 September 27 19:31
    The Links are not working, can you please re-upload.
    Thank you.
    1. Sonya2018 September 28 10:26
      Ok, fixed, try now.
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