Schoolism – Advanced Character Design with Stephen Silver

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Schoolism – Advanced Character Design with Stephen Silver

Advanced Character Design with Stephen Silver – video learning by Schoolism

A prolific and noted artist in the animation industry, Stephen Silver is known for his distinctive and unique designs, and for his work on "Kim Possible", "Danny Phantom", "Clerks - The Animated Series" and many other franchises. Among his clients are Disney, Warner Bros, Nickelodeon, Sony Pictures and many more.

This course takes character design training to the next level so if you feel that you have the basics under your belt, then this is the course for you.

You will learn how to design in different styles, create compelling anthropomorphic animal character designs, learn what will be required of you as a studio designer, and much, much more. This course will give you the tools to not only strengthen your skills but also the confidence to fulfill the journey you are on.

I am really excited about what this course offers and I know you will be too.

"Advanced Character Design with Stephen Silver" consists of 9 lectures.

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  1. Dionisio
    Dionisio2018 July 9 20:06
    This is sad, links are already taken down.
    1. Sonya2018 July 10 18:53
      done, fixed
      1. Dionisio
        Dionisio2018 July 10 22:01
        OMG Thank you very much!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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