RAWExchange – Tutorial: Dodge&Burn

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RAWExchange – Tutorial: Dodge&Burn

Download Dodge&Burn video tutorial by RAWExchange

Dodge and Burn (fondly referred to as D&B) is one of Photoshop’s most powerful tools. It is also one of the tools used most often. You know why? Because it rocks, this is why.

If you are doping portraits, you can use Dodge & Burn to add depth to your photos
If you are a digital artist, you can use Dodge & Burn to create effects and contour your subjects
If you are a high-end retoucher, you can use Dodge & Burn to even skin out

Dodging & Burning is not a complex thing, but there are right ways to D&B and, well…. not-as-right ways to D&B. In this tutorial, we will give you a complete Dodge &Burn toolbox which will enhance your photoshop work. All we ask id return is that you sit and watch the tutorial for one hour. And practice.

Once you have gone through our Dodge & Burn tutorial you will:

Know how to do basic Dodge and Burning (DUH?!)
Understand how Dodge & Burn works
Know what settings work well for which Dodge & Burn situations
Know how to inspect and improve your work with D&B helper layers
Know how to Dodge & Burn to smoothen light and shadow transitions
Know how to Dodge & Burn for contouring

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    equalizercho2018 November 15 03:26
    Hi there, would be so kind to revise the Nitroflare links please?
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      Done, get nitroflare.
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        You are amazing, thank you!
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