Lynda – Photoshop for Teaching and Learning

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Lynda – Photoshop for Teaching and Learning

Lynda – Photoshop for Teaching and Learning

Whether you’re a teacher working on a presentation or a student tackling an assignment, you’ll likely need to use images to explain concepts. And while students, educators, and instructional designers don’t necessarily need to be Photoshop power users, understanding how to work with the core tools in the powerful image-editing software can both empower individuals and help them produce more compelling images. In this course, join Chris Mattia as he shares key techniques that can help you successfully use Photoshop for teaching and learning. Chris helps you get started with Photoshop, demonstrating how to navigate the user interface, use actions for repetitive tasks, and create clean image compositions. He also shares how to fix common image problems, prepare images for presentations, work with time-lapse videos, and more.

Topics include:
  • Mastering the Photoshop user interface
  • Making selective adjustments
  • Using actions for repetitive tasks
  • Fixing common image problems
  • Repairing an image with masks
  • Preparing images for use on the web
  • Creating 360 VR panoramas
  • Making an animated GIF

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