Pluralsight – Houdini to Unity: Advanced Production Pipeline

Author Alex
Pluralsight – Houdini to Unity: Advanced Production Pipeline

Pluralsight – Houdini to Unity: Advanced Production Pipeline

Game development pipelines are a critical part of any game studio. Whether you’re a one-man show or a company of hundreds of employees, you’ll need an efficient and stable way to create your game artifacts, and update them seamlessly with minimum effort or interruption to the total development process. In this course, Houdini to Unity: Advanced Production Pipeline, you’ll learn the steps to create an efficient pipeline using Houdini and Unity3D – two of the most prominent game development tools. First, you’ll explore how to setup your Unity project, so that artifacts created in Houdini will be imported automatically complete with animation controllers, animation states, and prefab construction. Next, you’ll discover how to use Houdini to maximize your production when creating game artifacts to be imported into Unity. Finally, you’ll cover how to use your new pipeline to update game assets quickly and seamlessly within Unity. By the end of this course, you’ll be able to get your game to market faster than ever.

Software required: Houdini and Unity.

MP4 1280x720 | 6h 23m | ENG | Project Files | 1.36 GB

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  1. hakan2017 December 6 12:22
    Links are dead for all courses below

    Pluralsight – Unity Gameplay Programming Fundamentals
    Pluralsight – Unity Lighting Fundamentals
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    Pluralsight – Houdini to Unity: Advanced Production Pipeline
    1. Sonya2017 December 6 12:48
      Ok, give me some time to re-upload.
      1. hakan2017 December 6 19:30
        Thank you :)
        1. Sonya2017 December 6 21:53
          Ok, done - all courses re-uploaded.
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