Gumroad – Videogame Character Creation by Katon Callaway

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Gumroad – Videogame Character Creation by Katon Callaway

Gumroad – Videogame Character Creation by Katon Callaway

This is the most in depth class that I offer, and sold out for years when I taught it before. I take you from beginning to end in the character creation process. I provide a concept you can follow if you like, and take you from making a low poly mesh, to high poly sculpt, Polypaint, UVs, baking, texturing and presentation. A step by step guide is below.

For those wanting to understand the game pipeline, this is for you.

Week 1- Create base mesh and begin initial sculpt.
Week 2- blocking in the rest of the character.
Week 3- Catch up Week.
Week 4- Finishing the sculpt.
Week 5- Creating our low poly mesh.
Week 6- Creating UVs and also our normal and AO maps.
Week 7 – Texturing and Marmoset
Week 8 – Presentation

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