Udemy – Anime Drawing Course | How to draw FACE

Author Alex
Udemy – Anime Drawing Course | How to draw FACE

Udemy – Anime Drawing Course | How to draw FACE

Learn all essential lessons to draw pretty face faster

What you will become after the course...

You will be improved because of practical and concise tricks that you can implement right away after watching. The content will not be too theoretical and boring as I would like to focus on 'practising right after watching' which is the most important elements of all!

You will save your 10+ years of trials and errors as I have already summed up my 10+ years of experiences in this course!

It's a super discounted real practical class as you will have a real teacher corrects your work. I believe that if you only watch the video, this won't help anything. I therefore create a facebook group which you can join on my facebook group called ctclockwisescoursecamp to send homework and ask about anything. Homework can be sent at any time you want. However, I would encourage you to follow the schedule I have provided in the group to see the result faster.

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    Hi Alex

    Came a linear algebra course along
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