Udemy – 3D Revit Hands-on Workshop + 4 hour live-online training

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Udemy – 3D Revit Hands-on Workshop + 4 hour live-online training

Udemy – 3D Revit Hands-on Workshop + 4 hour live-online training

What you'll learn
Introduction to Autodesk Revit
Introduction to Core 3D Workflows
Produce a professional looking Architectural Visualization
Determine if a career in 3D is right for you

Computer with Internet Access
Autodesk Revit software (30 day trial download link provided)
Welcome to 3DTraining.com's Hands-on Workshop Video Series. If you are a beginner looking to learn Autodesk Revit, these videos will give you a quick overview of the software to help you decide if you seriously want to pursue a career in 3D.

In this project-based course you will learn:
Autodesk Revit's Core Interface and Navigation
3D Workflows (Project Setup, Creating Interiors & Exteriors, Adding furniture, Drawings and 3D Views)
Design your own 3D Interior Design project and sign up to attend a complimentary 4 hour live-online session with a 3DTraining.com Professional Instructor!
This course walks you through step by step how to work on a project from start to finish such as project planning, modeling, materials, lighting & rendering. After this course, you will have created your own architectural visualization.

Included in this course is a link to download the 30 day trial version of Revit (Courtesy of Autodesk), approximately 120 minutes of training video provided by 3DTraining.com, and a link to sign up for a 4 hour live-online training session with a 3DTraining.com Instructor (convenient night and weekend schedules available).

The average student will complete this course in approximately 8-12 hours (including live-online class).

If you enjoy your experience working in the software and you are interested in professional training to find work in this field visit our site and sign up for a free one hour intro class for more information.

Also when you visit our site, don't forget to check out our company news page to see how the 3DTraining.com unique training methodology has helped many students launch a successful career in the 3D industry.

Who this course is for:
Beginners looking to explore 3D as a career
Hobbyists interested in the 3D industry

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