Udemy – Affinity Photo: The Little Box of Tricks by Simon Foster

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Udemy – Affinity Photo: The Little Box of Tricks by Simon Foster

Udemy – Affinity Photo: The Little Box of Tricks by Simon Foster

Learn the techniques the pros use to enhance your photos - restoring, recoloring, beauty retouching, art effects etc.

What you'll learn

Use Affinity Photo to enhance images in a variety of ways
Understand and use photo restoration techniques
Understand and use photo recoloring techniques
Understand and use beauty retouching techniques
Create artistic effects from photos

Have access to Affinity Photo
Know the absolute basics of image editing - although a basic primer is included early in the course

*Recently updated to cover the new features in Affinity Photo 1.7!*
If you know the basics of how an image editing program works but you wondered how the professionals get those slick effects you see around you, then this course is for you! A series of projects cover the spectrum of modern editing techniques - enhancing, retouching, restoring damaged photos, recoloring vintage photos, beauty techniques, artistic effects, emulate the look of famous photographers, get the designer look you see coming out of photography studios - the list goes on.
This course is aimed at people who know the basics (although the very basic need to know stuff is covered in a tutorial early on in the course.) The Little Box of Tricks takes a project based approach. Over 8.5 hours, 50 videos and over 25 projects take you through a kaleidoscope of technique. Resources are included when needed, and as well as telling you which buttons to press, I'll tell you why to do things a certain way, along with a few gotchas to watch out for.
You've chosen a good platform with Affinity Photo. Now let me give you some of my 25+ years experience as a designer. Learn pro techniques, Learn pro practices. Get the pro look.

Who this course is for:
People who wish to use pro techniques to enhance their photos
People with at least a basic understanding of how an image editing program works

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