Gumroad – Character Lighting by Yu Cheng Hong

Author Alex
Gumroad – Character Lighting by Yu Cheng Hong

Gumroad – Character Lighting by Yu Cheng Hong

Character Lighting

This package includes:

• One 1920X1160 videos (MP4 format) ( total 2hr 36 mins) with full English commentary audio

* this tutorial is not include line art process *

In this video , we will demonstrate

• Anime- manga style

• Abstract graphic read (positive shape and negative shape)

• Build form and value.

-3 HiRes JPG file ( 3508 Height X 2480 Width ,300DPI)

-1 HiRes PSD source file (3508 Height X 2480 Width ,300DPI)

-Photoshop brush

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  1. Hakkespetta2018 March 16 12:04
    Ссылки больше недействительны. Можно ли их заменить?
    1. Sonya2018 March 16 17:00
      Ok, done, re-uploaded.
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  2. Artes Grampel
    artes072018 April 20 21:57
    The Links are taking me back to the main page, am I doing something wrong?
    1. Sonya2018 April 20 22:46
      try to use another browser
      1. Artes Grampel
        artes072018 December 6 20:01
        it worked, thank you. But when I try to extract the files, WinRar say they are not valid. The downloads went smoothly, and there doesnt seem to be any specific corrupted part. Am I doing it right?
        1. Sonya2018 December 6 21:07
          Try winrar 5.5 or above
          1. Artes Grampel
            artes072018 December 6 22:03
            Yes, it worked. Thank you!
  3. Christian
    Christian032018 December 3 17:47
    the links are damage, hitfile page is no found after the count
    1. Sonya2018 December 3 19:30
      re-uploaded, try now.
      1. Christian
        Christian032018 December 3 20:17
        Thank you very much Sonya
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