Skillshare – Animate a Walk Cycle Frame-By-Frame in Adobe Animate

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Skillshare – Animate a Walk Cycle Frame-By-Frame in Adobe Animate

Skillshare – Animate a Walk Cycle Frame-By-Frame in Adobe Animate

In the motion design field, knowing lots of different approaches to animating characters is extremely valuable. And while you can get by on rigged characters for most projects, a hand-drawn character can do a lot to add life, personality, and value to an animation. And when it's done well, clients LOVE it!

If you don't know where to start with hand-drawn character animation, or you're not comfortable with the tools in Adobe Animate, this class is for you.

There's so much to learn with character animation, so boiling it down to a single class is tough! So the plan is to make a class that's designed to help you do one thing: Make a character walk cycle in only 12 drawings. We'll start with designing a fun character, then we'll go through the steps of making a great walk cycle that you can share with your friends, coworkers, and potential clients.

We'll cover a few animation fundamentals like Squash and Stretch, overlapping action, and anticipation, as well as a few tips and tricks in Adobe Animate CC, but most importantly, we will have a polished, finished hand-animated walk cycle that loops and is ready to share.

I hope you're excited to learn how fun and easy it is to get a hand-drawn look in Animate CC.

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  1. Mitchell2019 July 2 10:54
    Animate a Walk Cycle Frame-By-Frame in Adobe Animate»: has several incorrect file for Nitroflare. Please correct.
    Thank You Mitchell
    1. Sonya2019 July 2 19:42
      Sorry - fixed
  2. Camilo
    wcmh312019 July 7 20:43
    It says that the Nitoflare are private, because the owner disabled free downloads. Please, let us download from these page.
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