Udemy – Adobe Illustrator For Beginners – Design An Awesome Avatar

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Udemy – Adobe Illustrator For Beginners – Design An Awesome Avatar

Download video course: Udemy – Adobe Illustrator For Beginners – Design An Awesome Avatar. Get hands on experience and 'learn-by-doing' in this course designed for individuals who want to learn Illustrator CC.

What you'll learn

How to design a professional looking Illustration with Adobe Illustrator CC
Learn the best tips on how to work efficiently and easily in Illustrator CC
How to get the best our of popular tools such as the Pen, pencil, reflect, selection tool and many many more.


A copy of Adobe Illustrator CC (full or trial version)
Mac or PC


Have you wanted to start working in Adobe Illustrator CC but have been too intimidated when using the software? Have you always wanted to learn how to make amazing illustrations and get to use some of the most powerful tools within Illustrator? Then this course is for you, no matter what your skill level.

Within the course, we LEARN-BY-DOING, I walk you through all the steps it takes to use Illustrator so you understand what you are doing and why! You will learn how to use the very popular pen tool as your illustration comes to life, get to grips with various other essential tools, learn how to best work with layers, and finish with an amazing avatar design. This course will arm you with the skills and practical knowledge to give you confidence to go create anything you wanted in this amazing program.

Get hands on experience and learn how to draw an amazing illustration in Adobe Illustrator CC

Easily find your way around this amazing program

Learn how to effectively work layers

Master the pen tool

Work with an array of other tools, including the reflect, scissor, pencil and many more...

Work with Artboards

Best options for exporting

The learn-by-doing approach will help you understand all the aspect of Illustrator and give you the tools to design illustrations from scratch,

Who is this course for?

Individuals that want to learn about Adobe Illustrator

Individuals that want to learn how to draw amazing illustrations

Anyone that has used Illustrator in the past and needs to brush up on their skills

Adobe Illustrator newbies

By the end of this course you will have created a professional illustration within Adobe Illustration CC and have the tools to take your design skills to the next level!

Sign up today to start your new illustrator journey!

Who this course is for:

From Newbies who want to get started with Adobe Illustrator
More experienced Illustrator users who want to refresh their skills

MP4 1280x720 | Total time: 1h 58m | ENG | Project Files Included | 1.72 GB

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