Skillshare – Realistic Clothing Workflow for AAA Game Male Characters

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Skillshare – Realistic Clothing Workflow for AAA Game Male Characters

Skillshare – Realistic Clothing Workflow for AAA Game Male Characters

Do you want to model AAA quality game character clothing but you find it difficult to model realistic clothing using hand sculpting method ?

Is your wrinkles and folds don't look believable and Natural ?

If any of these problems you have then this course can solve your problem.

At the end of this course, you will be able to use Marvelous Designer & Zbrush workflow to create high quality realistic clothing for AAA game male characters.


In this course, we will be covering:

Sculpting the base body

Creating cloth patterns in MD

Refining the wrinkles and folds in Zbrush

Adding memory folds

Adding Wear & Tear

Posing the Character

Rendering for presentation

First we are going to model the base body in Zbrush then I will export the model into Marvelous Designer. There I will create pattern for shirt, inner jacket and pant. Don't worry if don't know anything about Marvelous Designer. I have covered the basics of MD before I create the clothes.

Once I am happy with the overall look & feel of the folds and wrinkles then I will move to Zbrush. There I am gonna clean up the MD mesh and refine the fold and wrinkles. After that I will add some tertiary level details such as small wrinkles, memory folds, wear & tear.

After completing the clothing, I will Work on the head, hand, hair & shoe to complete the character. And finally I will pose the character and render for final presentation image.

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