CreativeLive – Create 3D Objects From Scratch Using Photoshop

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CreativeLive – Create 3D Objects From Scratch Using Photoshop

CreativeLive – Create 3D Objects From Scratch Using Photoshop

In this class, Adobe Certified Expert Jesús Ramirez, founder of one of the most popular Photoshop YouTube channels in the world, shows you how to make your very own 3D elements – no experience required. You’ll learn to use the 3D features in Adobe Photoshop, in addition to using text, images, and paths to create 3D geometry from scratch.

Through a series of 3D projects, Jesus covers:

Creating 3D text, adding texture and lighting
Using 2D images to create 3D Objects
Working with Image Based Lights to generate reflections
Applying Textures to 3D objects
Using the pen tool to create 3D objects
3D Depth Maps with geometry to create effects such as a waving flag

This class is filled with techniques, tips, and workflows that allow you to immediately begin using 3D features in Photoshop for your projects and will teach you to create 3D objects from start to finish.

Download links for CreativeLive – Create 3D Objects From Scratch Using Photoshop:

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