Packt Publishing – Building a Game with Unity and Blender

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Packt Publishing – Building a Game with Unity and Blender

Packt Publishing – Building a Game with Unity and Blender

Learn how to build a complete 3D game using the industry-leading Unity game development engine and Blender
-Learn the fundamentals of two powerful tools and put the concepts into practice

-Find out how to design and build all the core elements required for a great game-from characters, to environments, to props

-Learn how to integrate Artificial Intelligence (AI) into your game for sophisticated and engaging gameplay

In the wake of the indie game development scene, game development tools are no longer luxury items costing up to millions of dollars but are now affordable by smaller teams or even individual developers. Among these cutting-edge applications, Blender and Unity stand out from the crowd as a powerful combination that allows small-to-no budget indie developers or hobbyists alike to develop games they have always dreamt of creating.

Starting from the beginning, this video will cover designing the game concept, constructing the gameplay, creating the characters and environment, implementing game logic and basic Artificial Intelligence, and finally deploying the game for others to play. By sequentially working through the steps in each section, you will quickly master the skills required to develop your dream game from scratch.

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