Lynda – Photoshop for Fashion Design: 1 The Basics

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Lynda – Photoshop for Fashion Design: 1 The Basics

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A working knowledge of Adobe Photoshop is a must for anyone trying to jump-start a career in fashion. In this course, instructor Robin Schneider helps beginners get up to speed with this essential software. Along the way, Robin shares tips that can help users of all skill levels use Photoshop more effectively. She kicks off the course by helping you get acquainted with the workspace and basic tools. Next, she shows how to work with pencil sketches in Photoshop, explaining how to scan your artwork, clean up your sketches, and render them. Then, she shows how to work with existing marker or watercolor illustrations and create professional-looking layouts for your fashion portfolio. To wrap up, she steps through how to create eye-catching mood boards.

Topics include:
  • Why render in Photoshop?
  • Scanning artwork
  • Using Dodge and Burn
  • Using the drawing and painting tools in Photoshop
  • Adding color to your images
  • Working with scanned color illustrations
  • Layout styles for fashion portfolios
  • Working with color libraries
  • Creating mood boards

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