Skillshare – Build Your Own Flappy Bird Game

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Skillshare – Build Your Own Flappy Bird Game

Skillshare – Build Your Own Flappy Bird Game

Flappy bird: Deceptively simple yet addictive

I used to doubt this game’s simplicity and wondered if it was actually that simple. Yes, compared to GTA it is simple. But most of us mere mortals don’t know how Flappy bird is built, including my past self and wonder how it actually works.

If you want to find out how flappy bird works and understand how stupidly simple it is, this class is for you.

After you take this class you will be able to:

Understand how flappy bird works

Decompose it further into small, easy, and simple math concepts

Learn the basics of jаvascript by building flappy bird in it

Play the game you just built in your own browser

Make the game look prettier using HTML and CSS

Resources that will make your life easier:

Brackets: Brackets is a source code editor with a primary focus on web development. Link: Download Brackets

Project assets: These include the images you need to build your game. Link: Assets

Download links for Skillshare – Build Your Own Flappy Bird Game:

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