Pluralsight – After Effects CC Fundamentals

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Pluralsight – After Effects CC Fundamentals

Download video course: After Effects CC Fundamentals by Pluralsight.

What many videos need are exceptional visual effects, extraordinary motion graphics, or exciting animated text. In this course, After Effects CC Fundamentals, you will learn foundational knowledge in all three of those areas. First, you will see how to animate objects; meaning put them in motion and change their size, rotation and opacity over time. Next, you will discover how to apply and animate visual effects. Finally, you will explore how to create shapes, perform color correction, and animate text. When you’re finished with this course, you will have the skills and knowledge of After Effects needed to produce compelling digital media projects.

Software required: Adobe After Effects CC.

MP4 1280x720 | 5h 58m | ENG | Project Files | 1.37 GB

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