Lynda – V-Ray Next for 3ds Max Essential Training

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Lynda – V-Ray Next for 3ds Max Essential Training

Download video сourse: Lynda – V-Ray Next for 3ds Max Essential Training

Get up and running with the V-Ray Next rendering engine inside 3ds Max. In this course, instructor Brian Bradley shows how to extend the range of 3ds Max using the many state-of-the-art tools and features found in this edition of the powerful rendering solution. Brian kicks off the course by covering several new tools included in V-Ray Next, including the Lighting Analysis tool and the Viewport IPR. He then dives into critical V-Ray concepts, including materials, image sampling, maps, and lighting, as well as how to create in-camera effects such as depth of field and motion blur. Plus, he shows how to easily add lifelike effects to your 3D models using FX tools such as VRayFur.
Topics include:
  • Working with drag-and-drop V-Ray assets
  • Using V-Ray lighting tools
  • Enabling the Environment skylight
  • Working with Global Illumination
  • Using irradiance mapping
  • Working with V-Ray materials and maps
  • Quality control using image sampling
  • Using V-Ray GPU
  • Leveraging tools for interactive rendering
  • Working with FX tools such as VRayMetaball
  • Stereoscopic VR rendering
  • Using Render Mask
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