Skillshare – Storyboarding for Film & Animation

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Skillshare – Storyboarding for Film & Animation

Video сourse: Skillshare – Storyboarding for Film & Animation

This course is a complete overview of the Art of Storyboarding. I teach you how to draw dynamic character poses, how to sketch your ideas; and how to work with Character Model Sheets and Layouts. I also unpack advanced principles of composition for film, like Staging for the Action; Framing your Shots and how to lead the audience's eyes to where you want them to look. In addition, you will also learn directing techniques like when to cut a scene, when not to cut, and how to build audience identification with the characters of your story.

A storyboard artist calls the shots and visualises the script, the idea, or the concept. Your vision is what brings words on a page to life. This course covers skills that are the foundation for film making: a medium that is undeniably the most powerful storytelling art-form of our time. The role of the storyboard artist is one of the most creative and visionary elements of the production team.

Knowing these techniques represents an incredibly marketable skill set in today's visually driven world.

Whether you are interested in gaming, animation, sketching, comic books or filmmaking, the concepts and techniques in this course will get you started on the road to professional success. You can begin to build a portfolio from right within the course, or you can start storyboarding your own projects now to a professional standard. I've packed this course with only the most relevant and detailed material. I've distilled everything I've learnt in my 15 years as an animation and film professional into each lesson.

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