Imagine Publishing – The SciFi & Fantasy Art Book 4th Edition 2016 (Requested)

Author Alex
Imagine Publishing – The SciFi & Fantasy Art Book 4th Edition 2016 (Requested)

Imagine Publishing – The SciFi & Fantasy Art Book 4th Edition 2016 (Project Files included)

Whether your specialism lies in character creation, fantastical creatures, concept artwork or landscapes, the latest edition of The Sci-fi & Fantasy Art Book has something for you. Covering programs including Photoshop, ZBrush, Maya, 3ds Max and MODO, we delve into techniques and ideas with the help of expert artists. Produce beautiful designs and get top tips on how to create everything from sci-fi vehicles to a 3D alien character.

Out of this world guides and techniques

Create and develop your own characters

Learn to make your own incredible creatures

Construct amazing fantasy worlds

Uncover the secrets behind great concept art

Also inside...
- The rules of fantasy art
- Create armoured sci-fi characters
- Render a classic superhero character
- Design a Weta character
- Render a cyberpunk character
- Model and kitbash a mech
- Master magical manga effects
- Create a mythical beast
- Master creature creation
- Furry creature concept
- Construct a luminescent, high-gloss mech wolf
- Create creature-based action scenes
- Making a scene
- Key skills for sci-fi scenes
- Compose a spacescape
- Sculpt an epic sci-fi terrain
- Design destructive cityscapes
- Build fantasy architecture
- Create fantasy worlds
- Sci-fi from concept to render
- Design a sci-fi interior
- Master pro matte painting
- Paint sci-fi action scenes
- Create scifi weaponry
- Create comic book style renders

- Free with this bookazine...
Video tuition on the artworks in the book
59 human and animal reference images
109 amazing abstract smoke art brushes
1000 incredible Tech Ring brushes
32 aerial cityscape images
All the assets you need to recreate the artwork inside this bookazine

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