Udemy - Draw a Hyper Realistic Eye & Tear with the Two Pencil Method

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Udemy - Draw a Hyper Realistic Eye & Tear with the Two Pencil Method

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In my 11+ years of drawing I had found that Faber Castell drawing pencils are the eyes of the artist. Faber Castell is by far the best brand to use when drawing with pencils because of smoothness to detail.

My Course will show someone who is ready to begin using more than a single tool to draw and open up the possibilities of traditional drawing in their creative career. What I don’t want the student to think is that only the best art can be created with 36 different shades of pencils or a $200 set of markers because I am still a believer that drawing should be 99% pencil to paper and not a game of pick up sticks. That is why in my first ever tutorial, I am demonstrating that one pencil can be as good as a 36 tone set, and complemented with a black pencil, you can draw hyper realistic artwork!

If you love drawing and want to discover how to use the two pencil method that changed my way to drawing – this course is for you!

What you’ll learn
Use the Two Pencil Technique to draw a Hyper Realistic Eye With a Tear.
Be able to apply the two pencil technique to your own drawings or sketchbook.
Apply the light to dark rule when layering pencil and black pencil
Are there any course requirements or prerequisites?
B3 Pencil( Any Graphite Pencil) Or A set of drawing pencils
Bristol, or any Drawing Paper that is 6” x 8” or any other size
Eraser (kneaded or Any Eraser)
Blending Stump (q-tip, tissue works well too!)
Black Pencil with a sharpener
Who this course is for:
Beginner-Intermediate Artists
Students with some drawing experience wishing to work on their realistic style
Artists that wish to learn JJ’s self taught two pencil method technique in their own work.

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