Lynda – Cinematic Video Lighting

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Lynda – Cinematic Video Lighting

Video сourse: Lynda – Cinematic Video Lighting

There's no reason to fall back on the same old 3-point lighting techniques for every shoot. Cinematic lighting, which takes its cue from film, can add drama and visual interest to any production. Using diffusion, small tweaks in color temp, bounced light, and other cinematic lighting tricks, you can achieve a much richer look and feel.

This series of tutorials, taught by producer, DP, and educator Jem Schofield of theC47, shows you the equipment and time-tested lighting techniques you need to get cinematic results. Filmed on location at a California brewery—a set with a lot of action and a lot of angles—the course takes you through the process of planning, lighting, and shooting video using largely cinematic (low-key) lighting techniques. Jem uses a conversational style of direction that relies on collaboration with the crew and the clients, but the lessons are flexible enough to apply to productions of many different types and sizes, including corporate video and documentaries. By the end, you'll have the skills you need to go out and create professional lighting setups in the real world.

Topics include:
- Choosing the right video lighting equipment
- Scouting locations with good light and visual interest
- Bouncing light and blocking light
- Cutting light
- Diffusing light
- Recreating natural light
- Modifying color temperature with video lighting
- Shooting B-roll, inserts, and cutaways
- Working outdoors

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