Udemy – Complete GML GameMaker Developer 2D: Learn To Make Games In GameMaker Studio 2

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Udemy – Complete GML GameMaker Developer 2D: Learn To Make Games In GameMaker Studio 2

Video сourse: Udemy – Complete GML GameMaker Developer 2D: Learn To Make Games In GameMaker Studio 2

At the end of this course, you will know how to both code and make games in GameMaker Studio 2!

We will be going over the absolute basics of GameMaker Studio 2 and the absolute basics of GML (the programming language for GameMaker Studio 2).

Anyone can take this course, whether you're an absolute beginner that has never touched a programming language, or a person who has made some small projects in GameMaker Studio 2, but, still has much more to learn.

Here's What We'll Be Covering

The Absolute Basics Of GameMaker Studio 2

The Absolute Basics Of GML

Making A Calculator

Making A Platformer

Making A Space Shooter

The course will help you create three demos from scratch, a calculator, a platformer, and space shooter.


GameMaker isn't just for making games, you can build software from it too!

Learn to create buttons you can hover over, and, build a useful application where you will learn to work with basic arithmetic in programming.


In the platformer, we will make a player that can jump, move left and right, from scratch. You will learn to use the room editor and tile-maps to produce levels for your game.

Next, we will make an enemy that will walk towards the player, the enemy can jump over walls and gaps.

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