Author Alex
Domestika – Illustrated Character Design and World Creation
Nathan discusses his ideas on creativity, looking at best practices in gathering diverse information and cohesively displaying it to form thought maps. Examine what makes a good idea and how to generate them. He will show you his personal approach to help sharpen your skills in character and world-building using theoretical and practical methods that will ultimately make you a better creator.
Author Alex
Skillshare – Creating a Digital Illustration: The Complete Process
This lesson is a start to finish digital illustration following a step by step illustration process. We will begin with an idea, create thumbnails, choose a color scheme, draft a sketch, do the underpainting, and finally finish the digital illustration. While completing the painting, we will focus on 3 specific techniques: brushwork, cloud painting, and rock painting. This is an extended lesson, covering the entirety of the process.
Author Alex
Domestika – Dynamic Character Illustration with Thomas Rohlfs
Learn professional drawing and coloring techniques for creating animated characters full of movement. Using simple lines and shapes, character illustration is a skill that is attainable to just about anyone. No matter what inspires you, illustrator Thomas Rohlfs will show you how to bring it to life using basic figures, bold lines, and minimal color palettes.
Author Alex
Skillshare – Bring Your Illustrations to Life with Blender 3D
In this Skillshare class, you will illustrate, model, and texture your own 3D scene based off of one of your own illustrations. We will be using Blender 3D, a free open source software to create our character in 3D. You will be guided through the process of illustrating, modeling, texturing, lighting, and rendering a scene in 3D.
Author Alex
Skillshare – Illustration & Animation: Workflow Boost in Illustrator & After Effects
Would you like to create eye-catching designs and animate them in a simple way? Join Carminys Guzmán class and learn how to easily turn a simple sketch into a beautiful design for animation. Learn how to speed up your animation process by adding lights, shadows, and textures directly in adobe After Effects and obtain professional and amazing results.
Author Alex
Skillshare – Digital Illustration Techniques: Creating a Paper Pop-Up Style
Welcome to my class my friends! In this class, I will be teaching you a unique style that has brought me my biggest clients and a few design/illustration awards and features: the Digital Paper Pop-Up Style.
Author Alex
Learn Squared – 2D Sequence Illustration
Industry-leading art director Patrick O'Keefe will teach you all of his tricks for quickly laying down compelling compositions, zeroing in with detail and color, then post-processing one gorgeous final piece.
Author Alex
21 Draw – Illustration Masterclass Pt.1 & Pt.2
Learn the detailed process of creating an engaging story illustration from start to finish.
Author Alex
Udemy – Vector Drawing on the iPad with Affinity Designer
In this light hearted course I teach my zombie friend how to break down a complex poster design into small easy to create chunks just like the pros do. We learn all the tools you need one at a time by actually creating art with them and adding them to our poster.
Author Alex
Udemy – Coreldrw Graphics Suite For All – Master Coreldrw Quickly
Start creating professional graphic design in CorelDRAW.
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