FilmLight Prelight On-Set v5.1.10423 Mac

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FilmLight Prelight On-Set v5.1.10423 Mac

FilmLight Prelight On-Set v5.1.10423 Mac

Prelight is a macOS application designed to allow a Director of Photography (DoP) and other creatives to freely author, apply and modify looks. The commercial version, Prelight ON‐SET, extends these tools for the Digital Imaging Technician (DIT) for use during pre‐production, production and post.

Import a still in any of a multitude of professional formats, including RAW camera material
Import LUTs, BLG (Baselight Linked Grade) EXR files or CC files with CDL values to populate the Prelight look library
Grade using the same underlying processing and colour science as full FilmLight applications – no LUTs required with built-in colour space conversions
Grade using all the colour tools from Baselight, our high-end colour correction system – even shapes and keyers
Analyse images using scopes and histograms, compare images and keep a library of reference looks
Export reference stills in any of the common post-production formats, automatically using the appropriate color space conversion
Export grading values in BLG files, so the grade can be inserted and re-used in the colour pipeline
View the grade on a reference display via SDI monitoring
Export 3D LUTs –
Log shots and associated looks manually or automatically, and export log as an ALE or EDL
Live SDI input for capturing and viewing images from the live camera stream
Support for driving LUT boxes
Support for embedded 3D LUT and BLG metadata directly inside the ARRI Alexa SXT camera

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